Based in Afton, Wyoming, Daniel Schwab is an experienced businessman and community leader. A lifelong native of Star Valley, Daniel grew up fascinated by nature and wildlife.

While growing up, his father and grandfather taught Daniel how to hunt and fly fish, deepening his love and respect for the environment around him. He worked hard in the scouting program, earning his Eagle Scout, which increased his appreciation for the outdoors. Years later, his passion for the environment is as strong as ever and fuels his professional and personal endeavors.

Daniel Schwab Wyoming studied business and financial management at Utah State University. After leaving college, he founded several successful start-up companies, including one that specialized in ranchland restoration and preservation, specifically focused on fish and wildlife habitat restoration.

As a child who spent a lot of his time playing with fingerlings in the spring creeks in his backyard, he understood how vital these spring creeks were to the habitat of spawning fish and to the environment around him. As he watched poor management of the land by local farmers and ranchers who overgrazed the land, thus allowing the cattle to destroy the stream banks and cause waste contamination, Daniel began to realize that there had to be a better way to protect the spring creeks and surrounding areas.

In 1997, he partnered with some of the most successful businessmen in the nation, and his business began to acquire rundown ranches in Idaho and Wyoming. He then hired specialists to help permit, design, engineer, and implement plans for restoration and preservation of the land. This implementation allowed mother nature to naturally heal the land.

Just a few years later, in 2002, Daniel Schwab’s companies possessed the most sought after land in Wyoming, and were among the largest landowners in the state, possessing over 30,000 deeded acres and controlled over 100,000 acres through state and BLM leases. When Daniel Schwab realized the success his companies had seen in such a short amount of time, he found himself even more driven to help conserve the beauty of his state and those surrounding it.

As he began conducting research on multiple conservation programs, he came across a new concept of conservation banking and surrounded himself with the nation’s top conservation bank specialists. He then created Terrawest Conservancy—an organization that specializes in creating conservation banks and offers landowners opportunities to protect threatened and endangered species and their habitats. Through conservation, Daniel hopes that he will make the Intermountain West an even more prosperous balance for wildlife, fisheries, and the people who love them.

In addition to Terrawest Conservancy, Daniel Schwab Wyoming is also the owner of Renegade Wyoming, a conservation-based in-holding of property in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, offering homesites in a luxury fly-in community at the southern end of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, and Feathered Hook of Jackson Hole, an exclusive private fly-fishing club. He is also an avid photographer with a talent for capturing the beauty of the landscape and wildlife. Believing that his photographs are a gift from God, he has never (and will never) sell them for profit. Instead, he donates them for charity and gifts them to others as a means to demonstrate the gift of Mother Nature and the beauty of God’s Earth.

At the heart of Daniel’s life is the desire to improve both the natural environment, as well as the lives of the people and creatures who live in it. He is committed to his community and has donated to dozens of charitable organizations and causes and helped fund multiple scholarships to support local students and athletes.

Daniel Schwab Wyoming is also known for his connection to Olympic Gold Medal wrestler, Rulon Gardner, whom he befriended and helped financially support his Olympic journey for several years leading up to the 2000 Olympics. He is a committed husband of 33 years to his wife, Kristi, a father to five beautiful, gifted children, and a grandfather to five energetic grandchildren (with more on the way). If you’re ever looking for Daniel, he can be found helping his community or out in nature, taking photos, exploring the creeks, fly fishing, horseback riding, and generally feeding into his lifelong passion for adventure and wildlife.

To learn more about Daniel Schwab and environmental conservation, please visit his blog.