What is TerraWest Conservancy?


TerraWest Conservancy is a habitat conservation and management company with a mission to provide ecological, economical, and perpetual solutions for wildlife and their living environment.  Headquartered near Jackson, Wyoming, the company was founded by Daniel Schwab after twenty-five years of effort to improve the habitat of the Intermountain West for wildlife.

After years of success, TerraWest has become a leader and pioneer in Conservation and Mitigation Bank development projects. Their conservation projects cultivate a healthy, functional, and successful environmental model. TerraWest’s business ventures strive to improve the earth’s climate and protect endangered and sensitive species. 

As environmental laws develop and adapt, maintaining regulatory compliance is critical. This is not a roadblock for TerraWest. Their experienced team delivers the best environmental solutions while remaining strictly compliant with all regulatory standards.

TerraWest Conservancy’s synergetic project management approach is rooted in integrity, partnership, and trust with all key stakeholders. Whether it may be conservation organizations, government entities, local municipalities, or energy companies, all-encompassing collaboration is key to achieving their mission!

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