Being a ranch owner in Wyoming is one of the many hats I wear. As a past and current rancher in my home state, I have utilized my strengths and knowledge in land restoration and preservation to improve the land around Wyoming.

I have a great passion for the outdoors and wildlife. This passion has developed into a more significant gift that I have spent years educating myself on. I continue to gain knowledge and sharpen my skills to become the rancher I am today. Implementing acceptable ranching practices is something I believe in and am proud to do, and something I hope I can teach other farmers and ranchers to do as well.

My business model and land restoration concepts have been published in numerous magazines, such as Latitude Magazine, receiving national recognition. 

I find raw land around the western states to restore to a more pristine condition and preserve its natural resources. My goal is to find a balance so everyone can live in harmony with Mother Nature. Often, the land has been abused and needs human interference to restore it to its natural state.

These projects require a team of experts: biologists, hydrologists, conservationist groups, and public agencies such as Corp of Engineers. 

My preservation and restoration efforts include: protecting areas of water while creating watering spots for livestock to eliminate bank erosion and installing wildlife-friendly fences, planting willows to help with streambank stabilization, creating fish habitat restoration by adding pools spawning beds to promote trout reproduction, and avoiding overgrazing.

While protecting and restoring fisheries and waterways, I am also improving wildlife habitat. Water is a lifeline to all types of nature and wildlife. It supports fisheries, wild game, and bird populations, so it is crucial to conserve its natural state for wildlife to flourish. 

I have been restoring properties for over two decades and have witnessed the land’s swift regeneration when nature is tended. Being able to enjoy Mother Nature’s wildlife and majestic land comes from the responsibility of good stewardship. By creating a balance between wildlife and agriculture, the land is rejuvenated, and the value of the land is enhanced.

I take pride in knowing my efforts will benefit future generations. By tending to overused land, restoring, and maintaining its natural glory, I can change the future of vulnerable environmental wildlands and wildlife.