Setting New Year’s resolutions can be tough, as you set the bar too high and inevitably fail. This year, instead of focusing on what you can do for yourself, you can focus on ways to make the world around you better. This blog is going to talk about the ways you can incorporate eco-friendly goals into your New Year’s Resolutions.


Create a waste audit

Instead of throwing out all of your garbage every day with no thought, try to keep track of what you are throwing away each week. This will allow you to make an easy and effective waste audit. If there are any plastic products in your home, consider using a reusable alternative. My Brand Directory has tons of great alternatives that you can choose from. From zero-waste razors to produce bags, straws, and even plastic sandwich bags, you can have a variety of alternative methods that you can choose from. 


Reduce your shower time

Freshwater is going to be an incredibly important aspect to learn about in the New Year, as cities such as Cape Town are already running out of water. It’s important that we reduce our water consumption, as this can prevent wastage. One simple way to do this is by reducing your shower time by only 2 minutes. It can save you a lot of water and time. You can also start implementing a zero-waste bathroom plan.


Reduce your idle power 

One of the easiest ways to start making a positive impact on the environment in the New Year is by turning off your computer at night. This will allow you to save a lot of electricity and reduce your electric bill. If you want to go even further, you can invest in a smart power strip.

If you have multiple devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops, all plugged into the power strip, you can save a huge amount of electricity. If you’re planning on remodeling your home, consider making some green upgrades.


Use reusable batteries

A University of Illinois study revealed that about 3 billion batteries are tossed out every year, which is more than the 350 million rechargeable batteries that are sold. Rechargeable batteries are more sustainable than their traditional counterparts, and they can lower pollution levels. Although it may have a higher initial cost, rechargeable batteries can still save you money and lessen your environmental impact.


Cut down on paper towel use

Around 13 billion paper towels are used each year, and each person uses about 45 pounds of them. If we only cut out one roll of paper towel a day, we could save about 570 million pounds of paper each year. Instead of using paper towels, try using dishcloths, old shirts, or cloth napkins.


Creating eco-friendly New Year’s resolutions can be your first step into creating a better world for yourself and the people around you. These are just a few of the many ways in which you can become a more environmentally conscious person.