You may feel like the world is falling apart. From global warming to volcanic eruptions and even the wildfires in Colorado, you may find yourself doomscrolling on social media as you try to stay up to date. However, hope is not lost! It’s our job as environmentalists to actively root for a cleaner environment and educate ourselves when it comes to our climate crisis. One of the best ways to go about educating yourself is by listening to podcasts. Below are some great environmental podcasts that can help inspire you to do more in your community. 

People, Places, Planet Podcast

Four seasons strong, this podcast hosted by the Environmental Law Institute delves into myriad stories dealing with a ton of different aspects when looking at the changing environment, mostly told from the lens of the law. The great part about this particular podcast is that it’s user-focused, so while they talk, they work on putting an emphasis on advocacy and engagement, allowing you to take active steps in bettering your own environment and creating a more sustainable world. 

Sustainable World Radio – Ecology and Permaculture Podcast

This podcast, hosted by environmental educator and renowned film director Jill Cloutier, interviews a number of people who work in the environmental industry. The people interviewed on this podcast range from teachers to environmentalists and activists. Sustainable World Radio got its start in 2004 and focuses on different solutions to problems, settling on using a how-to approach to their episode formatting. Examples of their episodes range from “How to Grow Local Medicine” to “How Cleaner Biomass Cook Stoves Can Change The World”. Whether you’re a beginner environmentalist or a seasoned veteran, there’s an episode that will interest everybody.

Broken Ground

If the People, Places, Planet Podcast interested you, this one might as well! Hosted by The Southern Environmental Law Center, Broken Ground focuses mainly on the southern United States when it comes to the environmental stories that they tell. By using multiple hosts, they have a variety of people taking an in-depth look at environmental justice. This podcast is a great way to empower its listeners to take steps to better the community that they live in. 

There are a number of different ways that you can go about learning about how to become an ally to your community. Podcasts like the ones mentioned above are an excellent way to go about bringing change and awareness to environmental issues in your everyday life.