Wildlife conservation is a topic that is often overlooked. People are constantly talking about saving endangered animals, but they seem to ignore the rest of the animal population. Wildlife conservation is a need for all the wildlife.  We are at an important crossroads where we need to change the way that we think.  That is why the importance of Wildlife Conservation in 2022 has dramatically increased. It has become harder and harder for animals to find places to live and grow.  With an emphasis on wildlife conservation, more and more people will understand what they can do!

The extinction of animals is becoming a critical issue. Many people have lost the importance of taking care of the environment and have destroyed wildlife habitats.  As a result, animals face a lack of resources needed to survive.  There is no reason these animals are becoming threatened other than the choices of human beings. 

People have taken over many sections of the wilderness. Humans are constantly destroying animals’ habitats by creating more and more unnecessary developments. The impact this has on wildlife is it forces them to search for another habitat or die of starvation and/or dehydration. 

Animals are being killed due to uninformed people who aren’t interested in the environment. People are building more houses, workplaces, and other developments that humans need to make their lives a lot easier, but are not necessary.

Wildlife conservation is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. Constant misjudgment and pollution of the environment are taking the lives of countless animals.  Human life itself is under threat if animals continue to disappear at this rate.  We need to be more informed on the need for wildlife as well as their need for habitat.  We can change people’s hearts, which will then cause a change in their actions.  This is the year that will transform wildlife conservation!